Since Moving to Borneo…

I’m beginning to notice there are a couple of things I’ve grown accustomed to since moving to Borneo…

For one, I’ve become accustom to carrying a large stick with me when I am outdoors, be that a piece of scrap lumber, a forest branch, or my tripod. There are various reasons for this new stick-wielding habit, one being  the menacing gangs of vicious dogs that lurch into attack mode each time I pass them on my evening jog. Another reason, is the near-constant threat of wild Orang utans coming out of the jungle with an aggressive rage and the strength to rob one of all their belongings. And then, there are the packs of sneaky macaques who regularly roam the sun bear forest enclosure on the hunt for fruit, all the while baring their large teeth!  (Of course, the stick is not to hit any animal, only for self-defense!)

Macaquemacaque teeth

I have also become quite accustom to carefully inspecting the toilet bowl each time I visit the bathroom. The range of venomous creatures this toilet has managed to attract is remarkable! Emperor scorpion, snakes, wolf spiders and a monitor lizard are at the top of the list.

scorpion intoilet scorpion







Among other things I’ve grown accustom to, here are a few more examples:

– Power outages no longer cause a flinch of reaction, for they are a part of daily life. It is as mere of an inconvenience as if my shoelace came undone.

– Geckos, skinks, mosquitoes and millipedes are everywhere, all the time.

millipedesm– Stray dogs sleep, rest, walk and socialize on every road. If you don’t give dogs the right of way, at all times, especially when approaching a sleeping dog in the middle of the road, you’ll be left with a bloody mess.

– If I don’t specifically say “Teedak Agino Moto” when ordering food, there will surely be a heaping load of MSG in my dish.

– Durian, sweet corn and red bean flavored ice cream treats are tasty.

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