Commitment to Sun Bears

8416_524010696517_2030533_nCompletely enthralled with my passion for sun bear conservation, I continue to frame my ambitions to be an active member in the struggle for sun bears’ survival in Borneo.

Through my Wildlife Management & Conservation degree at Oregon State University, which I am currently pursuing, I will be departing for Borneo this April. The Fish & Wildlife Department is excitingly supporting my endeavor to initiate an internship at the BSBCC with leading sun bear expert, Siew Te Wong.In addition to working with the sun bears that are being rehabilitated at the centre, and learning ALL that I can from my self-proclaimed sun bear guru (Wong), we will also be preparing to launch an extensive conservation research project.

Currently, there are only three ecological studies in the world involving trapping and radio-collaring a wild sun bear, which is why there is a complete deficit of information about these special little bears.  Hopefully, with proper funding and  energy I will be able to initiate, with Wong’s assistance, the world’s fourth study!

My plan is to expand sun bear awareness and education even MORE by documenting the entirety of my experience and our research. I will then craft a documentary film that can be shared worldwide!

My goal is to promote awareness and inspire compassion for these incredible little bears.  I want everyone to share in the mission for sun bear survival.

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