Working Life

In other professional work environments random tribal-sounding outbursts from grown adults, followed by an aggressive stick-wielding lunge, may seem strange.

In other offices, complete power outages may cause slight reason for alarm.

In other organizations, tossing a dead snake onto the common table, or bringing in a giant dirt-filled leaf with two year old beetle-larvae, may seem slightly unacceptable for the work environment.

Beetle Larvae

Yet, here in Sandakan at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, those ‘random’ outbursts, with sticks used as reinforcement, are aptly needed defensive mechanisms against menacing individuals of the other ‘more wild’ primate species.

And those power outages are so frequent that no one skips a beat when the entire office suddenly goes dark… it’s just business as usual.

Those specimens brought in from the surrounding jungle are enthusiastically accepted in this team full of ecology fanatics. They are photographed, measured, weighed, identified and recorded with attitudes of keen interest. For this, is a truly unique jungle scape of an organization that focuses on concerns most offices or staff would never have dream about as part of daily life.

White-spotted cat snakeBeetle Larvae_2 yrs